Kat Von D vs. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills v. Kat Von D. 

So, I may be a little bit behind on this post… I know plenty of bloggers have already done a comparison, or a review on one or the other, but I just felt the need to do it. Mainly because I JUST tried the Kat Von D kit… For quite a while I was committed to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Kit, however, I figured it might be time to try something new.

When the whole idea of contouring entered the beauty world, I was curious to find out more. I have to admit I read tons of reviews and watched countless YouTube videos on contouring routines and reviews. At that time, the Anastasia Beverly Hills kit was overflowing my home feed. As a beginner, exploring this new idea of contouring, I finally got my hands on one of these lovely inventions.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lets Talk Colours:

The colour in this kit that I was mainly excited about is “Fawn”. It is the perfect grey-toned bronze colour  for creating that shadow and sculpting your face. I didn’t really understand the purpose of the other colours at the time… and if I had to repurchase any of the colours from this kit, it would be Fawn. .

The top three colours; Vanilla, Banana & Sand

Vanilla: This was probably my most used highlighting shade in this palette. It was not perfect, but I did like it, and I did find myself reaching for it to highlight the bridge of my nose as well as my cheek bones.

Banana: I was disappointed with this colour in general. I usually use banana powder to set underneath my eyes, however I did not notice a difference in using this particular colour. It was not very pigmented, and I had to dig my brush in order to get a decent amount of product on it.

Sand: This particular colour has shimmer in it, so it is meant to be used to highlight your cheekbones. It just did not show very well on my face, and most of the time I reached for other highlighters in my make-up bag.

The bottom three colours; Java, Fawn & Havanna 

Java: This is a shimmery bronze colour. It is warm toned, therefore it is not a perfect contouring colour. I did use this a few times to bronze my cheeks.

Fawn: This is probably the only colour I used up, and the ONLY colour i would re-purchase separately. This colour has grey undertones which make it a perfect contouring colour, and it looked really nice on the skin.

Havanna: I have never used this colour as it is too dark and too orange for my skin tone.

Overall, this kit has served me very well. It did the job. My only issue is that I did not need all the colours in the kit, and could have gotten the same result if it only came in two colours. However, if you plan to purchase this palette, you can now custom-pick the colours you want inside if you order from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. 

KAT VON D  Shade + Light


Once i reached pan on my favourite colours in the Anastasia Palette, I decided to be diverse and try something different. This is definitely the new contour kit that has taken over the beauty guru channels. When I first tried it at home, I made the mistake of dipping my brush into the colour and swirling it around before applying it to my face. I did not realize that this palette is much more pigmented and it seriously made me look scary. But you live and you learn. I then ordered the brush that goes with this kit, and together they worked like magic.

The top three shades; Lucid, Lyric & Levitation

Lucid: I use this shade every single day on my brow bones as well as my cheek bones for highlighting purposes. I love love love it.

Lyric: In comparison to the Banana shade in the Anastasia contour-kit, this one is SO much more pigmented and does exactly what it is suppose to. I use this colour under my eyes.

Levitation: This is a correcting shade, however I have been using it on the apples of my cheeks and I think that it serves as a great blush colour.

The bottom colours; Sombre, Shadowplay & Subconscious 

Sombre: This is the perfect contouring colour. You have to be very careful with this one… a little goes a long way. It is very buildable but you have to apply a little at a time.

Shadowplay: I love this colour for bronzing my face. I usually apply this before i contour to add some colour to my cheeks. This colour works with any skin tone.

Subconscious: This colour is a little bit dark for my skin tone… however it is not left untouched. I use this when I really want to add definition to the hollowest parts of my face. Again, small amounts go a long way. I also use this in the crease of my eyes and when I want to define my lips.

Overall, I was more impressed with the colours in the Kat Von D Contour Kit as I have used every single one. They are more pigmented, which also makes me believe that it will last longer. It is definitely worth the investment.