Valentines day is just around the corner… For some, one of the most anticipated days of the year… and for others; not so much.

Being single on Valentines Day sucks. All day you see posts of girls being spoiled by their loved ones and captions on how ‘blessed’ they are. Meanwhile you are sitting at home feeling like a hopeless romantic. But lets be real, Valentines day is just another regular day… except chocolate companies make a lot more money. I always thought Valentines day was overrated, and a little cheesy. I also never understood why we needed one specific day to spend quality time with our loved ones. So if you are single this Valentines day, pamper yourself and use it an as excuse to enjoy the things you love… or have a few cocktails with your girls. (And think about the chocolate that’s going to be on sale the next day)

If you are in a relationship, I hope you have a lovely day filled with… chocolate?


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Set the mood with some flowers, chocolate, and your favourite scent.
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Enjoy some chocolate… and lots of it.
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And go have some cocktails. This image is from Fring’s in Toronto. Sooo pretty and so delicious.


vday kisses

My boyfriend and I also plan to use Valentines Day as an excuse to have cocktails… So i decided to try out some pink-inspired make-up looks.

Eyes: Carli Bybel Palette by BH Cosmetics

Lips: With Love by IZAK mixed with Pink Pop by Maybelline New York



Hope you have a FABULOUS V-DAY



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